Quirky Ales Gig – 30th June 2018

Quirky Ales is a small independent craft brewery based in Garforth (West Yorkshire).

I was invited to Quirky Ales to sing a set for about 45 minutes on Saturday 30th June 2018. I took my Yamaha Keyboard, an amp, and many many songs!

‘Bobbys Bites’ (events caterer) was serving food, whilst the brewery was serving drinks (obviously lol) and I was singing. It was a lovely atmosphere and was great to see everyone enjoying a drink, some food, and live music. Its a great venue for upcoming musicians to perform. I have put the link to the Quirky Ales website further down the page if anyone is interested.

A few songs I sang at this gig:

  • Summertime Sadness : Lana Del Rey. – I love singing this song at gigs as most people know it and despite the title, it is an enjoyable pop song. Lana is one of my favourite artists so I had to include at least one of her songs in my set list. Most people have only heard the remix version of ‘Summertime Sadness’ so I love performing the original version which when I perform, is much more stripped back as its just my vocals and a keyboard.
  • Get Over It : Lily Honey. – This is an original song I wrote about a relationship that ended badly. As well as the song being a message to the person I was in a relationship with, it is also a reminder to myself to be accepting of the fact that although the relationship didn’t end well, the aftermath was not nice at all, and the person isn’t who I thought they were, I have to move on from it. It is an upbeat song and seems to receive a lot of love. When I do gigs I like to include at least one of my own songs because I love performing something of mine and something most people won’t have heard before.
  • Summer Of 69 : Bryan Adams. – Although some people may think this song is overplayed, it is a brilliant crowd pleaser. It is known and loved by all different ages and its a song I love to sing. As much as I want to perform this song with a guitar, I’m still learning how to play. However, the keyboard works just as well for now.
  • Dreams : Fleetwood Mac. – This song is also a well known and well loved song. Many people know the song and I love covering it in my own way. I’ve been singing this song for a few years and I really enjoy performing it.
  • Titanium : Sia, David Guetta. – Titanium is a song about inner strength and has very meaningful lyrics. I have been singing ‘Titanium’ for years and I still love the song. When I was younger (about 11) , I went to a studio to record a CD of covers. Titanium was one of the songs I recorded. People at my school then made fun of me for it lol but since then I feel like the song is associated with me as people remember me always singing it. There is a clip from my instagram further down the page of me singing ‘Titanium’ at this particular gig.

I sang lots of other songs too but I’m sure I’ll write about them in future posts.

I had a great time singing at Quirky Ales and would like to thank people who came along to hear me sing, as well as the other people there listening to me in the background, and to Quirky Ales for inviting me!

I think I will be singing at Quirky Ales again in October but will provide more info when I know more about it.

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