‘Leaving All My Love’ 

‘Leaving All My Love’ is available on all streaming platforms! Listen HERE!

‘Leaving All My Love’ is a collaborative effort with DJ/Producer 3RIC MCK3NNA, combining House with catchy Pop vocals and melody. The lyrical content narrates an experience of realising that someone isn’t good for you and it’s time to leave your love for them. The message is that although someone has been great for you, you’re allowed to move on and know what’s best moving forward.

With the song being played twice on BBC Introducing West Yorkshire prior to the release, it has now amassed over 60,000 streams within the first couple months of its release.

‘Leaving All My Love’ is a perfect showcase of Lily’s songwriting talents alongside her unique and striking vocals. This is Lily’s first release, and is the start of an exciting career ahead.